Watch the full 30 min documentary on Vimeo Demand. The donation is to cover the costs of keeping the video on vimeo demand. I would love to hear your feedback.




2 thoughts on “WATCH FILM

  1. Down in south western Ontario Canada, in Tobacco country, there is a small group of very proud Transylvania Saxons! They’ve been struggling to keep their heritage alive for my entire lifetime! I am a pure blood Transylvania saxon. Both my mother and my father are from Transylvania. I believe my father was born in Oberideisch, and my mother was from Media’s. I have visited and most of my realatives have moved to Germany! I would love to be involved in any research/info gathering…I know lots of Transylvania Saxons! Ha!

  2. All four of my grandparents were Saxons born in Transylvania. They were from Bogeschdorf, Michelsdorf, and Klein_Blasendorf. All came to the USA in the very early 1900’s. I still try to keep some of the traditions they aught me alive. I know my sister does the same with her children and grandchildren.

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