Jessica Klein
Jessica Klein was born in London (UK), but has Transylvanian Saxon roots through her Grandfather who was born and grew up in Meschendorf, Transylvania Romania. She completed her Masters in London where she wrote a book on Meschendorf for which she was awarded the Banister Fletscher Award.
She has worked as an architect and multidisciplinary designer in Germany, Spain, Mexico and is currently living  and working in London.

Susanne Dietz

Pablo Rivera
Versatile filmmaker who has been working in different fields such as Director, Cameraman, Editor or Colorist. Projects cover films, documentaries, advertisements, fashion films, reportage and video art. Has worked on variety of locations across Europe and Latin America. Places like Bogotá, Barcelona, Czech Republic, Dubai and UK among others. Currently lives in London.

Giulio Frizzi

Eric Scherer

Napoleon Sound
Sound edit

Additional assistance:
Izack Morales
Juan Briseno
Cyan Michel
Uxbal Ramirez

One thought on “Team

  1. I came upon this site as I was looking for additional info I could print out for my daughters school for a cultural event they are having. My Oma and Opa are Transylvanian Saxons and came to America in 1960’s with my father, aunt, and uncle. We currently still learn and practice our Saxon heritage and belong to various organizations in Ohio that promote the same.

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