Die Orgel/The Organ in Meschendorf

How does an original church organ work? It requires an organ player and an assistant to pump air into the organ. Meschendorf (Mesendorf) , in Transylvania Romania still has its original organ in the well kept Transylvanian Saxon Fortified Church from the 12th century. In this short clip I will show you how it isContinue reading “Die Orgel/The Organ in Meschendorf”

My first arrival in Meschendorf (Transylvania, Romania)

When I was young, I always dreamt of being able to step back in time, to discover a world that I thought was lost. I wished to find the secret portal portrayed in so many stories and myths that would be able to transport me into a different era of time. My grandfather would alwaysContinue reading “My first arrival in Meschendorf (Transylvania, Romania)”