—Ich finde toll, was du in Bezug auf Siebenbürgen unternimmst und wie du dich hierfür einsetzt. Ich selbst bin in Siebenbürgen geboren, war 12 Jahre alt bei unserer Ausreise nach D und merke erst in den letzten Jahren wie sehr mich der Wunsch drängt, das Land in der ich meine Kindheit verbrachte, die Heimat meiner Familie (auch meine Heimat?) näher zu verstehen und nicht vergessen zu lassen. Mach weiter so.
Konrad Jäger

—Jessica this is fantastic! Although my background isn’t Saxon, my family roots are also in Transylvania and I have recently begun learning all I can about the region and history. I would love to see the Saxon traditions and culture return there – and strongly believe this would strengthen the entire region and help bridge the East to Western Europe. Your work is preserving the roots of one of the most interesting European cultures, whose story spans the continent and the tumultuous history of Europe. All Europeans (and others I imagine) will learn a lot through this lens. In my opinion we are all enriched by the passion and work you have undertaken. Perhaps this is a turning point in history, and I’m hoping one day to see growth for myself of this cultural richness on travels to Europe.
Thank you!

—This is so amazing! It is great to see where my parents come from. It is true that there is a real threat of the extinction. I know we do not hold those traditions anymore in my family. It is very sad. We only hear the stories of what they went through and how life was like back then. But, all of my aunts and uncles are in their 80’s so eventually, it will all be just a memory for me. I had thought of writing a book myself. So glad someone did!
Lorie Wolf Wolfanger

—Löscht unsere Geschichte nicht aus euren Köpfen ! …erhaltet euer geistiges Wissen über unsere Kultur. Wir sind nur Hirntod ,wenn wir vergessen wer wir sind ,ein sterbendes Volk braucht einen Herzschrittmacher.
Georg Fritsch

—This is a great project, we all need to value this kind of cultural richness and promote a sustainable model for progress
Alex Varias

—Let us encourage something good. It is not about Dracula anymore.
Paul Hartman


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  1. It was wonderful to find this site. I am a 3rd generation American Saxon. My grandparent came in the early 1900s. There are still active ATS (Alliance of Transylvanian Saxons) clubs in PA, OH IL and IN. They were established as cultural and singing clubs as the Saxons emigrated.

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