My first arrival in Meschendorf (Transylvania, Romania)

When I was young, I always dreamt of being able to step back in time, to discover a world that I thought was lost. I wished to find the secret portal portrayed in so many stories and myths that would be able to transport me into a different era of time. My grandfather would alwaysContinue reading “My first arrival in Meschendorf (Transylvania, Romania)”

We need your support. Wir Brauchen Ihre Unterstuetzung

We need your help and support. Even small donations make a huge difference. Please watch the trailer and make a donation, so that we can show you one of Europes best kept secrets. There are various gifts in return //// Wir brauchen Ihre Unterstützung. Bitte schauen Sie sich den Trailer an. Selbst eine kleine SpendenContinue reading “We need your support. Wir Brauchen Ihre Unterstuetzung”